Building Our Legacy Together
: An Emerging Leadership Forum for Aboriginal Youth

BOLT forums will bring together young community leaders from across BC to build alliances in a safe and non-political space. As an Aboriginal youth, you can discuss your ideas, successes, challenges and resources with others, and identify common issues and opportunities. With incredible guest speakers and facilitators, you will gather and then put forth your recommendations about what is - or what isn’t - being done to help out aboriginal young people. We are for youth, by youth, to inspire change in youth.

Since 2002, a provincial youth committee has been working together with many organizations and governments to RAISE the VOLUME so YOUR VOICE IS HEARD! With the RedWAY BC Project, we are developing an on-line network that always available for people to turn to when they need info or if there is something that they are unable to take on alone.

If you are a youth dedicated to making a difference, come out and help unite the aboriginal youth for today. It is said that we are the leaders of tomorrow - but we believe young people are the leaders of today!

Support our Mission to change the future - be united and empowered in a safe space where input and solutions to issues can inspire actual change and balance within for wellness of our communities