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The RedWAY BC Project team developed an on-line forum (like a chat room) for BOLT. By clicking into the RedWAY BC discussion forum page, no matter where you're from or where you go - as long as you can get to a computer you're still connected! Just scroll down the RedWAY BC Forum page to find the Forum section called BOLT Discussions.

We hope you'll use this new network that always available for people to turn to when they need info, or if there is something that they are unable to take on alone.

So check out the link to the forum page - you can always:

  • Stay in touch with your new contacts, old friends and Forum organizers
  • Discuss issues, topics and share resources anytime, anywhere
  • Check out other youth forums topics we've started and get involved with the RedWAY BC Project

It's easy to create your profile, just click agree to some basic terms, fill in your contact info, pick your preferences, and check your email for your confirmation… THEN, U R IN
Click HERE to start signing up…

Want to find out more about Forums? Click HERE to check out the Forum Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ) page.