Experience a BOLT Forum!
What will we do?
The BOLT 4 Youth Forums will engage young community leaders from across BC in building alliances. Young people can interact through this new website and forum, hosted by the RedWAY BC Project. You'll be able to continue to identify common issues across the province, share resources and research, and work towards solutions to support our goal to build healthier communities long after each forum is done!

For example, the first Forum is January 28th to 30th, 2004 in Fort Rupert. When you arrive at the Fort Rupert Big House, you’ll join other motivated Aboriginal Youth, activists, leaders, and students ages 16-29 for a mini feast. So please your bring drums and regalia, and jump into a group icebreaker event.

Then get ready for two jam-packed days of motivating speakers, role models and policy specialists energizing you to share ideas, concerns, and resources.

What do I bring?
What types of issues are in your community? What ideas do you have to make your community better? Is there something on your mind that you would like to put forward and have changed? These are the types of ideas and thoughts that we will need to bring to the Forums, because if nothing gets said then nothing can be done about it.

Meals will be provided and there is limited sponsorship for travel and accommodation

What will we create?
The Forum is for you to identify your concerns and offer solutions in a supportive group environment so our fears, frustrations and dreams can be heard. We're creating the experience of the BOLT Forums for youth, by youth, to inspire change in youth.

Another objective of the BOLT Forums is to develop a draft Declaration that will be created, revised and eventually endorsed by many aboriginal youth of the province. When this Declaration is endorsed, aboriginal youth leaders will present it to the public and policy makers to demonstrate how serious we are about making changes.

You’ll also leave with new connections, skills, resources and alliances - and hopefully a renewed desire to invoke change for a more positive future for Aboriginal Youth.

BOLT Forum events are drug and alcohol free to promote healthy, balanced leadership opportunities for our Youth.